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Application No. SS.11/05/635 MW
Status Grant - with conditions
Location Enville Road Quarry Site, Wall Heath
Proposal Application to extend the timescale for completion of reclaiming the quarry by landfilling with inert waste materials (Condition 4) and variation of conditions 1 (definition of permission); 7 (review of reclamation progress); 11 (maintenance and landscaping); 15 (cessation of recycling operation); 33 (removal of buildings and plant); 34 (confirmation of restoration levels); and 35 (restoration scheme) of planning permission SS.04/29/635 MW
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Type Variation of Conditions (or Non-Compliance with Condition)
Category Waste County Matter
Environmental Statement No

Case Officer / Applicant / Agent
Case Officer Matthew Griffin
Applicant F. G. Davis & Son (Contractors) Ltd., Smestow Bridge, Wombourne, Staffordshire, WV5 8AY
Agent C A Planning, Cassidy House, Station Road, CHESTER, CH1 3DW

Application Dates
Received 24 May 2011
Target 23 August 2011
Revised Target  

Decision and Date
Committee Decision Grant - with conditions
Delegated Decision  
Decision Date 03 July 2012
Publicity and Notifications Details
Libraries Wombourne Library & Community Centre
Comments by  
Site Notice Posted  
Local Members Mr. B. R. Edwards, C.C.,
Press Advert Pub  
County Decisions
Decision Date 03 July 2012
Commitee Decision Grant - with conditions
Commitee Date 07 June 2012
Delegated Decision  
Delegated Date  
Legal Agreement  
Turnaround 58 weeks
Response to Consultation  
Time to Respond  
Appeal Details
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Appeal Officer  
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Received Date  
Date of Decision  
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High Court Details
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Application and Decision Documents
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)Decision Notice - SS.11/05/635 MW148 KB03-Jul-2012View
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)Approved document - Final Statement and Revisions - SS.11/05/635 MW265 KB02-Mar-2012View
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)Appendix 1 - SS.11/05/635 MW1.91 MB19-Mar-2012View
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)Appendix 2 - SS.11/05/635 MW1.66 MB19-Mar-2012View
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)Approved document - Isopachyte comparison between permitted landform and proposed landform (dwg no EN885 D5 version 2) - SS.11/05/635 MW1.44 MB02-Mar-2012View
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)Approved document - Restoration details (dwg no EN885 D7 version 2) - SS.11/05/635 MW1.05 MB02-Mar-2012View
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)Approved document - Application Form dated 25 February 2011 - SS.11/05/635 MW136 KB25-Feb-2011View
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)Supporting Statement - SS.11/05/635 MW198 KB25-Feb-2011View
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)Approved document - Transport Statement - SS.11/05/635 MW3.76 MB25-Feb-2011View
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)Approved document - Location Plan (dwg no C3035-P01) - SS.11/05/635 MW596 KB25-Feb-2011View
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)Phasing Plan (dwg no EN885-D2) - SS.11/05/635 MW378 KB25-Feb-2011View
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)Restoration Plan (dwg no EN885-D1) - SS.11/05/635 MW2.43 MB25-Feb-2011View
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)Approved document - Enville Road Flood Risk Assessment for continuation of quarrying at landfill at Enville Road - SS.11/05/635 MW5.39 MB28-Apr-2011View
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)Approved document - Ecological Scoping Report - SS.11/05/635 MW1.59 MB28-Apr-2011View
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)Catchment area for receipt of inert waste at Enville Road Quarry and Mile Flat Quarry - SS.11/05/635 MW43.7 KB28-Apr-2011View
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)Restroration Masterplan with Permitted Contour Overlay - SS.11/05/635 MW2.47 MB28-Apr-2011View
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)Permitted Restoration Scheme with Digested Contour Overlay - SS.11/05/635 MW2.28 MB28-Apr-2011View
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)ADDENDUM DOCUMENT - SS.11/05/635 MW51.0 KB28-Apr-2011View
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)Approved document - Great Crested Newt Survey - SS.11/05/635 MW857 KB24-May-2011View
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)Restoration masterplan with permitted contour overlay - SS.11/05/635 MW1.86 MB02-Sep-2011View
Application Related Documents
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)Neighbour notification letter - SS.11/05/635 MW21.2 KB26-May-2011View
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)List of neighbours notified of development - SS.11/05/635 MW54.4 KB26-May-2011View
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)Public notice - SS.11/05/635 MW18.5 KB26-May-2011View
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)Response from Staffordshire County Council's Envionment and Countryside Unit - SS.11/05/635 MW33.0 KB24-Jun-2011View
Unknown File TypeResponse from the Environment Agency - SS.11/05/635 MW57.7 KB21-Jul-2011View
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)Location Plan - Enville Road1.07 MB14-Jun-2010View
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)Response from South Staffs District Council - SS.11/05/635 MW1.75 MB04-Oct-2011View
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)Response from Natural England - SS.11/05/635 MW55.3 KB04-Jul-2011View
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)Response from Swindon Parish Council - SS.11/05/635 MW36.9 KB04-Jul-2011View
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)Response from National Air Traffic Service - SS.11/05/635 MW291 KB04-Jul-2011View
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)Response from Staffordshire County Council's Transport Development Control Unit - SS.11/05/635 MW116 KB04-Jul-2011View
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)Response from Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council - Highway Authority - SS.11/05/635 MW618 KB04-Jul-2011View
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)Response from Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council - Planning Authority - SS.11/05/635 MW71.0 KB04-Jul-2011View
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)Consideration of highway comments - SS.11/05/635 MW1.66 MB02-Sep-2011View
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